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What WE DO?

Competition in the world of foreign trade is more intense than ever. Customs clearance is a critical stage of trade and can shape the success of businesses. We make complex procedures regarding foreign trade customs clearance simple and hassle-free for you. Just focus on growing your business and capturing more opportunities in world markets; leave the rest to us. Our experienced team offers the best solutions for you while handling all your customs clearance needs. Work with us for faster processing times, cost savings and a hassle-free foreign trade experience. Contact us today to build your future.

The crucial point in business life is the honest feeling to serve. As it is known, commerce is the science of service. Our company motto is to be a solution partner to our valued customers with the slogan "The one who provides the best service is the one who makes the most profit."


Customs Consultancy

Customs brokerage is a part of the services provided by professionals who play a critical role in regulating international trade. These experts work to ensure smooth execution of import and export transactions and compliance with customs legislation.


Shipping Services

Transportation services are an important sector that facilitates the transportation of goods and loads from one place to another. These services can be carried out by land, sea, air or rail and play a critical role in the smooth functioning of supply chains. 


Warehouse Services

Warehouse services play an important role in facilitating trade and optimizing logistics processes. Warehouses are facilities where goods and cargo are temporarily stored and processed. These services include operations such as arranging import and export transactions, fulfilling customs clearance procedures and stock management.

The biggest problem of our age is not being able to access the right information at the right place and time. As a result, those who expect valuable service want to receive all services from a single institution, at the right time. For this reason, as Tara Customs Management family, we are with you with all our partners.

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Yeşilköy, Atatürk Cad EGS Dünya Ticaret Merkezi, 34398 Bakırköy/İstanbul

+90 542 172 1346

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